Tribe Market connects thousands of buyers and sellers around Australia, empowering people & creating opportunities.

Within our marketplace, sustainability focused businesses across Queensland showcase their unique products to the wider Australian community (now also shipping worldwide).
Tribe Market has a passion to help creative and responsible entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses. Our mission is to re-imagine the online marketplace by building an intimate and fulfilling ecommerce experience. We’re committed to using the power of sustainable business to strengthen communities and empower people via wellness with our environmentally and socially responsible offerings.

Our Vision

Tribe Market is a collective of talented and creative Queensland entrepreneur, micro-business and social enterprise owners showcasing their goods and services to the community. Local creatives serving our Australian Tribe!

Tribe Market assists local businesses to promote and sell their items to targeted audiences looking for unique, sustainable and socially responsible products that are uniquely Queensland.

The platform sets high curation standards to the application process for businesses trading on the platform offering trust, integrity and security for our fellow tribe vendors and customers to be sure products listed on the platform are sustainable with positive social outcomes.

A portion of profits from Tribe Market sales are directed to our support group Spin Tribe. ST offers the community a space to connect, discuss and grow in the fields of wellness, personal development, consciousness and oneness. This is part of our social impact to have lasting positive change on how we as humans relate to each other and all life on Earth.

Our sister site, Freeomy – the Freedom Economy – is where our tribe come together as a community to pool and exchange resources within the member-base without the need for money. We gift, direct swap or trade items using points. Freeomy is open to all adults on the Sunshine Coast.

We hope you join us and support your local Community by purchasing on Tribe Market, exchanging on Freeomy and/or attending a Spin Tribe gathering

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