Eco conscious and Wellness focused customers are waiting to see your products!

Join the 'Feel Good' Marketplace offering intimate connections between store owners and customers via our podcast interviews. Build strong loyalty with passionate customers and spread your passion to audiences across the world.

Easy Payments

Our streamlined payments and variable commission structure will have you making sales and spreading your message easily and quickly. Stripe handle all transactions and the marketplace absorbs the applicable service fee automatically in the background

Powerful Tools

Our tools and services make it easy
to manage, promote and grow your
business with personalised store
branding, simple product listing and
quick fulfillment of sales.

Vendor Support

Tribe Market is focused on making your
vendor experience just as fun and fulfilling as
when your creating your amazing products.
Email and phone support is just a click away.

Reach Customers across Australia & the World

Tribe Market is dedicated to assisting our creative and sustainable small business community promote their environmentally and socially responsible goods and services to a targeted audience who are searching for unique, inspiring and sustainable goods. The TM platform has a user friendly build both for our store vendors and customers, incorporating a responsive design accessible on all devices and reaches targeted audiences via optimised SEO strategies.

Marketing for the platform is a high priority for initial and continued traction offering growth for your business. We do this via search engine optimization for Google organic search along with promotional listings on the Google Ads network and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram posts/ads.

Tribe Market Boosts Sales Year Round

No more dependency on the weather at market stalls, our online marketplace attracts qualified customers ready to purchase 24/7. Don’t rely on a stand-alone website, your products gain importance surrounded by like-minded inspirational items. You’ll do better in the Tribe!


Start selling on Tribe Market in just 4 simple steps


Register and list your products

  • Register your business, select the membership best for you, brand your store, and start listing products.
  • Our Tribe Market Advisors will help you whenever needed to assist taking your business online

Receive orders and sell your product

  • Once you make a sale you are notified via email and on your TM dashboard.
  • Your email and dashboard provides all the details of the sale and your new customer to fulfill the order
easy shipping

Package and ship with ease

  • Pack your order and ship with your carrier of choice. Sendle is a good option as they pick up and deliver cheaper than Auspost
  • Our shipping module comes with Zone options (QLD + Australia + World, Pick-up & Free shipping) or by weight option, with the ability to modify costs to suit each item
easy stripe payments

Get paid and grow your business

  • All shipping, taxes and product payments are sent to your Stripe account
  • The TM platform subtracts a sale fee and your funds are available instantly

Our Purpose and ‘Why’


Provide a marketplace for Australian micro-businesses producing products focused on positive Wellness, Environmental and/or Social outcomes within the community. #ProfitForPurpose

Tribe Market offers a platform where conscious businesses meet sustainability aware consumers… everyone benefits, including the Earth!

Our ‘Why’:

When we realize some of the essential resources on this planet we call home are finite, we understand the need to tread carefully and pay respect to how the products we purchase effect the local and global environment along with the wellbeing of its people. We come to a point of realization and truth, ‘A shift in consciousness and perception is needed, we must make a stand and stop allowing corporate profits to dictate our reality’. We must take back control and regain our organic nature and self-empowerment within the community, within our Tribe.

Tribe Market showcases entrepreneurs and businesses providing benefit to our communities’ health and wellbeing, in turn releasing the over-reliance on international corporations and their governmental companionship. It’s a way to bring conscious businesses together to promote and share their ‘for purpose’ products on one platform. Directing dollars to effect positive change.

This is a small way (which could lead to bigger outcomes) of helping to make Earth a better, more harmonious place to live and thrive.

Affordable, transparent, and secure

There are no item listing fees, only pay after you make a sale. It’s just a small percent of the money you earn. Choose a membership (annually or monthly) to reduce your sale fee or go on our free plan.

Here's what the marketplace offers:

  • Conscious passionate shoppers seeking unique sustainable products.
  • Platform marketing on search engines and social media.
  • Your own branded Tribe Store.
  • Podcast interview on your business and products to strengthen customer engagement (paid memberships).
  • Shipping options across Australia and the World (including click and collect).
  • Customer support to help you sell and be amazing!
  • Google Shopping and Social Ads Options (+ memberships).


Common questions about selling on Tribe Market

How do the fees work?

Joining and starting a shop on Tribe Market is easy. There are a few general marketplace selling fees on various platforms: a member fee, a listing fee, a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee. Tribe Market has 2 fees; a membership fee (if chosen) and a sale fee (%+50c).

We offer a variety of plans to create your store and start listing on the marketplace. Once an item sells a sales fee is deducted (see memberships for %). (shipping/tax always goes to the vendor without fees).

What do I need to do to create a shop?

To list your business on Tribe Market, you need to be located in Australia making your own product (goods or services) with majority personal input. Your business vision is focused on sustainable principals and actions. Create or link a free Stripe account for payment.

How do I get paid?

Sale payments are automatically directed to your Stripe account (free setup), minus sales fee (see memberships). Funds are available immediately, which can then be deposited into your business bank account on an automatic weekly/monthly basis.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

Yes, a credit or debit card is required to pay your membership fee via Stripe to create a shop. Depending on your membership option, this payment will automatically renew every year or month until cancelled.

What can I sell on Tribe Market?

Tribe Market is a marketplace for crafters, artists and creatives to sell their Wellness, Environmental and or Social benefit products to the community. Items should be unique, sustainable with a ‘for purpose’ outlook.

Still have questions?

We want you in the Tribe!

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