Health and Wellness Marketplace

Sell goods and services without the hassle and cost of building your own website. Sell your products on a marketplace surrounded by similar businesses, brands and products having positive impacts on individual and community health and wellbeing.

Are you a small business focused on Health, Wellness, Inspiration and Transformation or does your business have a Social Benefit for the community? Yes, Awesome! Congratulations on choosing to focus your time and energy on a business pursuit that is rewarding for yourself, the community and the earth.

Running a business with a passion assisting others to improve ones lifestyle and wellbeing is an admirable decision. For some in this field it can feel like the decision to enter this role of wellness/wellbeing was not really a decision at all but rather a calling without the option to not pursue it! It’s in your DNA, so to speak, you’re a giver and you want to have a positive impact. This can also be true for individuals on an eco-path. Caring for Mother Earth is extremely noble and very much needed in an era of corporate greed with little respect for nature and its life-giving essentials.

This multi-vendor marketplace, Tribe Market, has been created to facilitate small businesses in showcasing their wellness and socially beneficial goods and services to enhance moving in a direction that pulls money away from destructive ventures and into sustainable, respectful enterprises.

Join and gain the benefits of being surrounded by like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs on our ‘Health and Wellness Marketplace’.

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