Eco, Wellness & Social Benefit Marketplace

Sell products online without the hassle and cost of building your own website. Sell your products on a marketplace surrounded by similar businesses, brands and products having positive impacts in the world.

Are you a small business operating in Australia creating unique products in the Eco Friendly or Wellness sector or does your business have a Social Benefit for the community? Yes, Awesome! Congratulations on choosing to focus your time and energy on a business pursuit that is rewarding for yourself, the community and the earth.

Running a business with a passion for assisting others to improve ones lifestyle and wellbeing is an admirable decision. For some in this field it can feel like the decision to enter this role of wellness/wellbeing was not really a decision at all but rather a calling without the option to not pursue it! It’s in your DNA, so to speak, you’re a giver and you want to have a positive impact. This can also be true for individuals on an eco-path. Caring for Mother Earth is extremely noble and very much needed in an era of corporate greed with little respect for nature and its life-giving essentials.

It’s often mind boggling the things governments approve via the increasing influence of corporate agendas to this place we call home such as mining, discarding of chemicals and other wastes inappropriately, chopping down our precious forests, the killing of wildlife, destruction of native cultures and the general pollution of air and water. It’s really a disgrace and we need to stand up as a collective. I believe the best way to currently do this is via the way we spend money, vote with your wallet. Unfortunately, this earth is currently run via economics/money so this is a strong way to vote for what we really care about. Turn off the money tap to corporations that have little respect for nature and direct these funds to businesses that are focused on doing good in the environment and the community.

A new multi-vendor marketplace called Tribe Market has been created to facilitate small businesses in showcasing their wellness, eco and socially beneficial goods and services to enhance moving in a direction that pulls money away from destructive ventures and into sustainable, respectful ventures.

Spin Events Marketing have created this platform and we invite all Australian small businesses to join and gain the benefits of being surrounded by like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs on the ‘Do Good, Feel Good Marketplace’.

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