Bee Feeder

Many will already know that Paul Stamets is the go to man for all things fungi, he is also very passionate about nature in general and has put time and money into helping stop the decline in bee deaths via colony collapse.

Bees are declining worldwide due to multiple stressors. There is an urgent need to help bees survive. Estimates of losses of domesticated bees range from 35–75% in the U.S. and Europe year to year.

Paul has developed a Bee Feeder with the proprietary inclusion of mycilium extract that massively boosts bees immune system reducing the parasite that often leads to colony collapse.

The initial BeeMushroomed Labyrinthine Feeder will allow anyone to help feed local bees our proprietary polypore mushroom extract. The inner labyrinth was designed with bees in mind while keeping out other flying insects. With the addition of our proprietary extracts, this module can become a powerful point of health for the Bees.

You can also help in Pauls mission to fee the bees with bee feeder by following the below website.

For more information visit: this website

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