• EMF Shield Protection Pendant

    The EMF Shield Protection Hologram Pendant harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting a coherent energetic field of Organic Creation Codes from Sacred Geometry (the building blocks of all life).

    This Sterling Silver Hologram Pendant contains our original and unique Sacred Geometric Holograms fused between glass surrounded by a Sterling Silver 92.5 frame with a gold hologram on one side and a silver hologram on the other side.


    Make no mistake, EMF Shield was FIRST to research and release a geometric holographic product for protecting biology against 3G, 4G and Now 5G plus WiFi. We do not jump on bandwagons, We Lead!

    The EMF Shield Hologram projects a coherent field around your body to ‘intercept’ scattered EM fields from 4/5G towers and all wireless devices, brings them into coherence and alignment with biology and therefore greatly reduces their interference abilities.

  • Earrings Eco-friendly Leather Elizabethan Lady Di Style

    Elizabethan Lady Di design earrings
    Beautifully sculptured, to reflect the classy look of Lady Di, a personal favourite as People Princess was to the world. The best design deserves the People’s Princess and you will feel like a princess in these earrings.
    PERFECT FOR: Day or nightwear.

  • Earrings Eco Leather Elizabethan Princess Sarah style

    Elizabethan Princess Sarah Leather Earrings

    As stylish as a princess … the Elizabethan Sarah earrings will dress up any outfit and make you feel like a million dollars . Their powers are magical. As soon as you put them on you will feel made up and ready to face your day with style and poise, whether it is at work, a night-time event or just out for a weekend brunch. Try them on and see for yourself.

  • Earrings Eco-friendly Leather Elizabethan Kate Design

    Elizabethan Princess Kate Leather earrings

    Perfect for the holiday season – or any time of the year, no matter what season it is!
    Inspired by the stylish and beautiful Princess Kate, this pair from our Elizabethan earrings will make a statement for you! All you do is put them on! Light as a feather to wear.

  • Earrings Leather Elizabethan Magen Style

    Earrings Leather Elizabethan Magen Style

    Eco-friendly earrings. Are you ready to walk out of your front door with a look that turns heads? Then the Meghan earrings are for you. Delicate but with an edgy feel, these statement earrings are the season’s must-have accessory! It’s time to elevate your jewellery collection and add this pair of stunners to your wardrobe and finish off your party-season look today.

  • Earring Eco Friendly Leather Elizabethan Princess Grace Design

    Elizabethan Princess Grace Earrings

    The definition of grace is “smoothness and elegance of movement”. These Grace earrings from our Elizabethan range create an elegant look that appeals to women all over the globe. They make a statement in a subtle and beautiful way. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to think about it. You just wear them. They are light to wear and are the outfit extras you need in your jewellery collection.

    PERFECT FOR: Every woman who wants to add a little grace and style to her look!

  • Earrings Eco-friendly Leather Elizabethan Princess Mary Style

    Princess Mary has the hearts of many Australians, so this design suits her beautiful regal style, I’m sure she would wear them with pride.

    Traveling with these earrings will capture the attention of all the people around you.

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