• Inspired Personal Transformations

    Inspired Personal Transformations (IPT) incorporates Energy medicine, Sound healing, Vortex centre activation/balancing, Acu-pressure, Sub-conscious belief re-patterning to complete a package that addresses the whole ‘Mind Body Matrix’ to achieve lasting change and healing.

    Each session starts with me tuning into your higher self to ask what tools and modalities will be best for the session. You can come with a specific issue you would like assistance with or we can keep it open to the most appropriate healing to be done Now. An IPT session generally lasts for 60-90 minutes.

    $95.00 60 minutes
  • Universal Rays Healing Sessions

    Universal Rays Healing and working with the Ascended Masters. Learn about your soul chart and the aspects of yourself that are holding you back from your life purpose. Heal your past lives and lift your consciousness to higher levels.

    1.5 – 2 hour session.

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