• EMF Shield Protection Pendant

    The EMF Shield Protection Hologram Pendant harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting a coherent energetic field of Organic Creation Codes from Sacred Geometry (the building blocks of all life).

    This Sterling Silver Hologram Pendant contains our original and unique Sacred Geometric Holograms fused between glass surrounded by a Sterling Silver 92.5 frame with a gold hologram on one side and a silver hologram on the other side.

    Make no mistake, EMF Shield was FIRST to research and release a geometric holographic product for protecting biology against 3G, 4G and Now 5G plus WiFi. We do not jump on bandwagons, We Lead!

    The EMF Shield Hologram projects a coherent field around your body to ‘intercept’ scattered EM fields from 4/5G towers and all wireless devices, brings them into coherence and alignment with biology and therefore greatly reduces their interference abilities.


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