Vibrational Essence – Animal Guidance + Wisdom 2


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Infused with the vibrational frequencies of Animal Consciousness: Dolphin, Whale, Shark, Elephant, Python, Frog, Bee, Wasp.

Offering assistance with: Love, free spirit, opportunities, movement, emotional release, transmutation, cleansing, release negative thoughts, warrior spirit, intuition, community focus.

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QiGrow Vibration Remedies contain specific single or combination frequencies which when introduced into the organic energetic framework of living organisms, communicate their mystical information of silent sound, hidden colour and un-manifest shape to our consciousness, DNA and biological system providing holistic health and healing thru balance and harmony. The vibrational frequencies contained in the essence allow the ingestee to utilise this data as reference points of perception allowing one to see, feel and function in heightened holistic ways.

Would you like assistance with these qualities: Unconditional love, being a free spirit, receiving opportunities, swift movement toward your goals, emotional release, transmutation of the past, cleansing, release negative thoughts, renew and enhance your warrior spirit, express your intuition, embrace a community focus?

This gentle help and assistance is available from the animal kingdom.

30ml spray remedy containing colloidal silver and the vibrational frequencies of:

Dolphin – Offerings of unconditional love. Embarking on new relationships or affairs involving love.

Whale – Enables the releasing of old memories to pursue what you truly wish for. Enhances happiness.

Shark – Ruthless advancement to get what you want. The power to open up opportunities with swift movement.

Elephant – The consciousness of the elephant helps to build and strengthen family bonds. It raises awareness of the importance of community involvement and to take an active role in community events.

Green Tree Python – Gives you the strength to shed your old ways and provides courage in this time of transformation.

Green Tree Frog – Enables you to walk away from the things that no longer nurture or satisfy you. Allows emotional healing and cleansing to take place by producing tears to flow and cleanse the soul.

Bee – Enhances pride in yourself. Releases negative thoughts and stops you metaphorically hitting your head against a brick wall.

Wasp – Provides the ability to release destructive people from your life who often have a sharp tongue. Use your warrior spirit to defend and advance yourself.

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