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Infused with the vibrational frequencies of Animal Consciousness: Bowerbird, Hawk, Crow, Magpie, Kangaroo, Numbat, Bandicoot, Cow.

Offering assistance with: Creativity, internal tools/wisdom, soul healing, truth, protection, guidance, birth with integrity, rewards, assistance, goddess, friendships, expressing authority, material success, family bonding.

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QiGrow Vibration Remedies contain specific single or combination frequencies which when introduced into the organic energetic framework of living organisms, communicate their mystical information of silent sound, hidden colour and un-manifest shape to our consciousness, DNA and biological system providing holistic health and healing thru balance and harmony. The vibrational frequencies contained in the essence allow the ingestee to utilise this data as reference points of perception allowing one to see, feel and function in heightened holistic ways.

Would you like assistance with these qualities: Creativity, using your internal tools/wisdom, soul healing, speaking your truth, protection, guidance, manifesting a ‘birth’ with integrity, rewards for past deeds, assistance, connection to goddess energy, friendships, expressing authority, material success, family bonding?

This gentle help and assistance is available from the animal kingdom.

30ml spray remedy containing colloidal silver and the vibrational frequencies of:

Bowerbird – Allows your creativity to flow when working with your inner guidance to express beauty and truth.

Crow – Allows you to work toward your dreams using the tools within, tools you understand.

Hawk – Enhances your ability to walk the walk and talk the talk. Understanding your truth and communicating it to others. Lead by example.

Magpie – Offering of protection and guidance. Attracting generous people especially feminine energy.

Kangaroo – Assists in material success and opportunities. Enhances your status in authority. Encourages family ties, especially male bonding.

Numbat – Brings rewards for your efforts and provides assistance to come your way. Preparedness.

Bandicoot – Provides the birth of new business or creative project born from integrity.

Brahman Cow – Brings helpful friends into your life, especially earthy women. Goddess energy.

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