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Infused with the vibrational frequencies of these Native Australian Trees: Acacia saligna, Banksia grandis, Callistemon salignus, Casuarina cunninghamiana, Melaleuca halmaturorum, Adonsonia gregorii, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Hakea suberea.

Offering assistance with: New directions by walking your Truth. Enhances Passions and Inspiration.


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QiGrow Vibration Remedies contain specific single or combination frequencies which when introduced into the organic energetic framework of living organisms, communicate their mystical information of silent sound, hidden colour and un-manifest shape to our consciousness, DNA and biological system providing holistic health and healing thru balance and harmony. The vibrational frequencies contained in the essence allow the ingestee to utilise this data as reference points of perception allowing one to see, feel and function in heightened holistic ways.

Do you need support in these areas: Transition support, establish new roots quickly, enhancing being a free spirit, expressing passions with earthly pursuits, re-birth, life guidance on a 3 year journey, sharing your joy and inspiration with others, assisting in standing tall and expressing ideals, helps with being tolerant, adaptable and balanced.

Assistance in walking your truth to complete life lessons, help with releasing life force at the most appropriate time for advancement, emotional healer, shedding the old and embracing the new, beliefs with being ‘fair dinkum’!

(New directions by walking your truth. Passions and inspiration)

30ml spray remedy containing colloidal silver and the vibrational frequencies of:

Acacia Saligna (Wattle)

Quick life turn around, Transition support. Assists you to easily establish ‘roots’ in a new location or new area of life activity.

Passionate. Always available to assist. Family support. Helps to keep those you cherish close.

Adansonia Gregorii (Boab)

Wisdom. Emotional holder. Helps in releasing lifeforce energy at the appropriate times for best advancement.

Assists in sharing your fruits of passion with others. Enhances you to show glimpses of purity.

Banksia Grandis (Giant Banksia)

You may not respond well to control or limitations such as domestication. Enhances passions with earthly pursuits.

A free spirit who likes to exhibit their style in an exaggerated way but not necessarily in the lime light.

Callistemon Salignus (White bottle brush)

Adaptable. You love to show your essence.

Can be in a 3 year journey to release seeds for your next stage of re-birth or life direction.

Helps share your sweetness, your joy and inspiration with others providing the staple of life.

Casuarina Cunninghamiana (River Oak)

You take a unique approach to life by standing tall and expressing your ideals. Very passionate which people may see as raw energy. Assists in being; Majestic. Geometrical (balanced). Adaptable. Tolerable.

Eucalyptus Camaldulensis (River Red Gum)

Enhances the ability to discard aspects of itself which are no longer needed or restricting further new growth.

Likes to venture over wide areas, perhaps a traveller. Assists in being very adaptable and to share and provide for others.

Hakea Suberea (Cork-bark Tree)

Likes to display passions of truth. Has an attitude but has character.

Assists in these character traits; Hardiness, longevity and providing for others.

Melaleuca Halmaturorum (Kangaroo – Tea tree)

Truth. Purity. Essence. Assists you to walk your truth and complete life lessons.

Assists you to succeed where others may fail. Helps adapting to difficult conditions.


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