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The EMF Shield Radiation Protection Hologram Harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting its coherent energetic field out up to a 19m* radius.

Easily sticks on to your phone, tablet, laptop and other mobile or electrical devices.

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Cell Phone Radiation Protection Hologram

EMF Harmonization Factor: 9.7/10

Harmonize radiation from Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and all other wireless & electrical devices

The EMF Shield Hologram has an amazing EMF harmonizing capacity by projecting its coherent energetic field out to a 19m* radius.

Are you aware of the dangers your mobile / cell phone is exposing your body too. The non-ionizing radiation emitted from your portable wireless device not only connects your device to a tower for communication purposes, this invisible radiation is also communicating with your DNA and every cell in your body, it scrambles cellular communication within the body and can even break both strands of DNA, You need protection and you can get it with the EMF Shield Hologram!

The EMF Shield Hologram is a micro thin Holographic Film encoded with very specific creation codes of the Universe and Organic Biology. These codes continuously project an informational field of sacred geometry 19m into your local environment harmonizing any scattered EM energy fields.

You are protected with the EMF Phone Shield Radiation Protection Hologram.

Easily sticks onto any mobile wireless device.

 *as indicated by muscle testing/kinesiology

Note: This EMF Shield Hologram has a silver backing (the photos look like it is black) (These pics are all of the same hologram).

How does a Hologram work?

The hologram captures light as it interests the whole area of the film, hence being described as a ‘window with memory’. By contrast a photograph captures a single small area ‘aperture’ of perspective, the photographic image being created by focusing this light onto film or a digital sensor.

The physical medium of holographic film is photo-sensitive with a fine grain structure. Common materials used are silver-halide emulsions, dichromate gelatins and photopolymers – each having their own characteristics and require different processing. Holograms can also be embossed ‘stamped into a foil’ with applications including in security identification, such as on passports, credit cards, tickets and packaging, as they are difficult to copy without the master hologram.

The hologram is the recorded interference pattern of constructive (intensity peaks) and destructive (elimination) of the superimposed light-wavefronts (the electro-magnetic field). By using a coherent laser light-source and a stable geometry (or short ‘pulse’ duration) the interference pattern is stationary and can be recorded into the hologram’s photosensitive emulsion. The hologram is then chemically processed so that the emulsion has a modulated density, freezing the interference pattern into ‘fringes’.

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