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EMF Radiation Protection Holograms encoded with specific creation codes of Organic Biology. Protection from Phones and WiFi devices. The Sacred Geometry codes continuously project an informational field into your local environment harmonizing scattered EM Fields.

Make no mistake, EMF Shield was FIRST to research and release a geometric holographic product for protecting biology against 3G, 4G and Now 5G plus WiFi. We do not jump on bandwagons, We Lead!

The EMF Shield Hologram projects a coherent field to ‘intercept’ scattered EM fields from 4/5G towers and all wireless devices, brings them into coherence and alignment with biology and therefore greatly reduces their interference abilities.

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Harmonize radiation from Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Game consoles and any other wireless / electrical device with our EMF Shield Hologram – 3 pack

EMF Coherence Factor: 9.7/10

The EMF Shield Hologram has an amazing EMF harmonizing capacity by projecting its coherent energetic field out to a 19m* radius.

Are you aware of the dangers your mobile / cell phone is exposing your body too? The non-ionizing radiation emitted from your portable wireless device not only connects your device to a tower for communication purposes, this invisible radiation is also communicating with your DNA and every cell in your body, it scrambles cellular communication within the body and can even break both strands of DNA, You need protection and you can get it with the EMF Shield Hologram!

The EMF Shield Hologram is a micro thin Holographic Film encoded with very specific creation codes of Organic Biology. These codes continuously project an informational field of sacred geometry 19m into your local environment harmonizing any scattered EM energy fields.

Easily sticks onto any mobile wireless device.

*as indicated by muscle testing/kinesiology

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Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions10 × 0.5 × 5 cm

Gold Hologram, Silver Hologram


1x 3-pack, 3x 3-pack

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