Vibrational Essence – Love/Inspiration Connection


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Vibrational Essence Offering assistance with: love, peace, gentleness, understanding, wisdom, courage, hope, gratitude. (Universal connection, Inspiration, You are the Essence)

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QiGrow Vibration Remedies contain specific single or combination frequencies which when introduced into the organic energetic framework of living organisms, communicate their mystical information of silent sound, hidden colour and un-manifest shape to our consciousness, DNA and biological system providing holistic health and healing thru balance and harmony. The vibrational frequencies contained in the essence allow the ingestee to utilise this data as reference points of perception allowing one to see, feel and function in heightened holistic ways.

Does this sound like you: often worried, need petting and reassurance, feel stressed, take little interest in life, doubt yourself and feel disconnected, low trust and self confidence, are fearful, resigned to your current situation, feel lack in your life.


Do you want to feel like this: loving unconditionally without judgment, flowing with your divine plan, inspired in artistic expression and being down to earth, optimistic to keep moving forward, being calm and guided by intuition, concur your challenges, have a fresh outlook on your life path and be able to reflect on everything that has happened in the past and say Thank you!

30ml spray remedy containing colloidal silver and the vibrational frequencies of:

Love – Enhances the ability to being open and loving. Willing to care for others with concern in providing assistance to others. Giving love unconditionally to receive love without judgment.

Peace – Become relaxed with outcomes, flowing with the divine plan. Being able to laugh at your own situation and obtain silence within.

Gentleness – To become inspired and have a lively interest in things. Maybe concentrate on artistic/creative endeavors and be down to earth – ground yourself with mother earth.

Understanding – Being optimistic and not affected by setbacks. Providing you the understanding that every situation is correct. Stabilize your perception of challenges and to go with the flow.

Wisdom – Connecting to your higher self to choose correct action intuitively. Enhances the ability to be calm and collected.

Courage – Feeding the internal forces to be brave and heroic. To stand up to challenges and to concur them. Enhancing the ability of being selfless.

Hope – Guided with a fresh outlook on your life and the greater universal plan, a universal plan that includes you. You are unique and have purpose, focus on what it is you want to achieve.

Gratitude – Assists in releasing the fear of having to achieve some other persons expectations allowing you to lead a life full of acceptance and confidence. Gratitude is the virtue of feeling; thankfulness and appreciation.

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