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Tribe Market is proud to support Project 9, a new channel expanding awareness of what we know about reality and how we perceive it. Project 9 uses an interview and discussion format to share guests experiences of intuition, mediumship, out of body experiences, consciousness, 5D, off world being encounters, health and healing, enhancing connection to self, caring for the environment, their business offerings and delve into current events on earth.

We live in very interesting times (that’s an understatement!) and it is imperative that we all remember who we are as spiritual electromagnetic beings. We are connected to Everything, past/present/future and we contain the codes of all life in the Universe as it operates as a hologram and we are a fractal of that hologram (which contains the full ‘image’ in all segmented parts). We must come to the innerstanding/knowing that the ‘reality’ we perceive with our 5 senses is a very small part of a much bigger ‘reality’ in existence. When we raise our vibrational frequency to allow access to higher/more information to perceive with, our reality takes on a much grander multi-dimensional outlook. Higher aspects of self exist, multiple realities exist simultaneously and many many other beings exist in our Universe and on our Earth. We are not alone and these beings can assist and manipulate our experiences on earth and beyond. Its time to put the ego aside and explore the possibility of engaging in much much more!

Project 9 interviews can be viewed on YouTube:
and at their website;

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