Save the World Eco Expo

I had an amazing day meeting eco/wellness tribe 🌻 at Brisbane’s Eco Expo. So many awesome businesses creating amazing products good for self and planet πŸ™ A number of the conversations I had with the store owners included how wonderful it is to be surrounded by friendly like minds with a common goal of doing good! πŸ™Œ This is our mission at Tribe Market, we are creating a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries who have a mission to be the change. Who are dedicating their lives to following a passion and an internal drive to do good, to do what needs to be done to live sustainably, comfortably and joyfully on this amazing Earth.

Tribe Market is dedicated to providing a platform for changemakers to promote their goods and services for Australians and the World to enjoy. We believe voting is not something that comes around every 4 years, it is present every time you pull out your wallet or enter your credit card details. Your money is the currency, the energy that makes the change, that points the world in the direction you want it to sail in.

Support our Tribe Stores making products that are Eco Friendly, Wellness focused and have sustainable social impacts. Help make a difference by being the solution! πŸ™‚

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