Seeking Conscious Businesses with Wellbeing, Eco or Social benefit focus

Tribe Market is the ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ Marketplace for Australian businesses who make goods or provide services in the Wellness/Wellbeing or Eco Friendly fields and/or provide social benefit to the community such as giving back and donating portions of profit to causes etc.

Do you have a ‘For Purpose’ / ‘Profit For Purpose’ business? If so, we would love to welcome you to the Tribe so we can promote and showcase your products and passions to the world on the Tribe Market platform. Our founder and Admin, Matt, has been in the above mentioned fields for the past 18 years and has dedicated much of his life to creating goods and services to aid health and wellbeing, raising awareness/consciousness along with getting down and dirty working on organic/bio-dynamic farms and residential gardens. Matt shared his products, skills and passions by attending local markets and trade shows across Australia along with creating many websites to take his goods to the world.

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Now Matt’s focus is on collaboration and bringing like-minded people/businesses together to form a collective, a Tribe, to showcase unique and beneficial products and visions to the world. Local markets are all well and good, Matt attended these for more than 12 years, but they do have limitations by weather and seasonal timing, local cash flows and limited audiences, especially if your products are in a smaller niche. This is why Tribe Market was created, to bring the awesomeness of a local market with it’s array of unique and passionate stall holders onto a digital, global platform showcasing businesses Doing Good in the community and to the earth. We appreciate the visionaries who take it upon themselves to create new products that assist in the health and wellbeing of individuals, consider the environment with their packaging and the entire supply chain and have an overall focus on service to others, benefiting the community.

If you resonate with Tribe Markets vision and you would like to be part of a new and growing online marketplace, please get in touch by Contacting Us or visiting the Vendor Page for more info. We would love to have you onboard to share more of You!

We cater to a whole range of ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ service businesses including;
Massage therapists, Bodywork therapists, Yoga teachers, Natural medicine practitioners, Energetic practitioners, Fitness/Personal Trainers, Beauty therapists, Counselors, Hypnotherapists, Personal/business Coaches, Meditation facilitators, Sound therapists, Spiritual consultants, Healers, Psychics, Foodies, Workshop facilitators, Business consultants ,Pet services, and many more.

We are also focused on ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ businesses providing tangible goods such as;
Food & Beverage, Herbs, Supplements, Beauty/Skin/Hair, Jewellery, Alt Health products, Remedies, Books/Guides, Inspiration tools, Fashion/Clothing, Home & Office products, Animal products, Garden products, Self help tools, and anything which provides positive influence in ones life and benefits the community as a whole.

Our vision is for Tribe Market to be The Go To Marketplace for all things health, wellness, eco and inspirational for online shoppers. The bigger vision includes running a festival to showcase our Tribe Store Owners while providing the community with a fun, energetic and enlightening festival providing hope and inspiration building a stronger community and world. The festival will include music, cooking demonstrations, yoga, dance, native culture, workshops and talks. But we can’t do it without You! Join Tribe Market today.

Visit and start showcasing your awesome goods and services to Australian’s and the World.

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