The Waste Free Way (in 33 days)

The guide helps people of any lifestyle transition to lighter, more conscious living with a well-structured, comprehensive series of video & resources to bring people into their power without becoming overwhelmed & completely supported along your way.

Your host, Asher, presents a light and informative series of videos and checklists to assist your transition into an eco superstar.

1. The state of the Planet and how you’re already helping

2. So what’s the game plan?

3. Get educated to stay motivated

4. The basics

5. Your waste free way

6. A breakdown of where to shop

7. Mastering your schedule

8. Going binless and the truth about recycling

9. The fallacy of convenience

10. Home cleaning for health

11. Being a true environmentalist

12. What to do with all the money you’ll save

13. Breaking up with old bathroom habits

14. Curing the kitchen

15. Food waste, composting and gardening

16. Plastic and your health

17. Opening the conversation and promoting the lifestyle

18. Living with people who aren’t onboard…yet

19. Snacks and staples

20. Shortcuts to making delicious stuff from scratch

21. Repair and repurpose

22. Home apothecary

23. Pets – Babies – No Babies

24. Party with the Planet

25. Wear your values

26. Doing more

27. Minimalism crash-course

28. Addictions, habits and allergies

29. Work and hobbies

30. Voting with your dollar

31. Put your problem solving skills into practice

32. Being efficient with your energy

33. Celebrate!

the waste free way

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